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  1. Introducing Tips

    Duolingo created Tips to help explain the trickier bits of learning a language. Come explore the new Tips and see what we have planned for 2019!

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  2. Partial Credit: Improvements to Duolingo's Placement Test

    Everyone who uses Duolingo has a different starting point of language proficiency. In order to determine a new learner’s existing skill level, we use a placement test to determine where they should begin within a course. But unlike placement exams you might have seen in college, Duolingo’s placement test is quick and efficient. We want to get you learning new material as soon as possible, and don’t want your first experience with Duolingo to feel like you’re taking a long exam. This summer I had the opportunity to work on a series of changes to the placement test to help improve how effectively Duolingo measures a learner’s language ability. This blog post will explain what the placement test is, how it works, and how we can use partial credit to make it better.

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  3. How Does Duolingo Measure Learning?

    As a linguistics and computer science double major, I always wondered about the methods Duolingo uses to teach and how effective those methods are. I had the opportunity to look into exactly that as part of my internship on Duolingo’s Core Learning team. This past summer, I worked with the team to create a tool that visualizes information about Duolingo users’ learning patterns, helping both myself and the company answer the question of how to measure learning. In doing so, we found that the Learning Quiz, a tool that already exists in Duolingo, provides a stable and reasonable measurement of learning.

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  4. Crown Levels: A Royal Redesign

    Recently, Duolingo rolled out one of its biggest redesigns in years: Crown Levels. We wanted to make the learning experience even better by surfacing more challenging content while keeping Duolingo fun and motivating. Six months later, we have some exciting results!

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